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Offset Print

Offset printing is a printing technique in which the inked image is offset from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. Offset printing is recommended for high quality printing, fast and lower cost printing for large volumes, as well as being able to achieve specific pantone codes and colours.Some products that are commonly printed with this technique includes books/magazines, brochures, flyers, letterheads, business cards, and sticker labels.

Personalised Print

Personalized gifts are a good way of making someone feel special. We specialize in personalized calendar printing and notebook printing, either for your own personal use, or for corporate purposes. By gifting personalized gifts to your clients, you are making them feel special and appreciated. We incorporate colourful, attractive, and quality high resolution images with your desired initials to make your personalized gift truly unique!​

Large Format Print

Large format printing is used to print banners, posters and general signage. Our large format printing is high resolution, and can reproduce exact original colors and gray scales. Large format printing is applicable on many surfaces, no limit on minimum quantity of printing, and has the same excellent quality of printing that both offset and digital printing offers.Some products that are printed using large format printing include backdrops, posters, signage, and banners.

Digital Print

Digital printing is a form of printing directly from a digital based image onto the printing surface. As compared to offset printing, digital printing is usually more cost efficient in small print jobs.Some other advantages of digital printing includes availability to print-on-demand, fast turn over times, being able to print only the required quantity with no minimum limit, variable data printing, as well as having the same excellent quality as offset printing.

Some products that are commonly printed using this technique include posters, personalized calendars, personalized direct mailers, event collateral, and brochures.

Variable Data Print

Variable data printing (VDP) is a form of digital printing in which text or images may be changed from one printed work to the next, using information from a database.
Benefits of using VDP include boosting response rates with a crafted personal message; raising ROI through relevance and personalization, and increasing customer loyalty and retention.

Direct Mailing

Demand Print also provides letter shopping and direct mailing services for all your advertising needs.

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